Speedboat illustration


Tailwind CSS brought to a whole new level

Sail through designs
like a PRO

Speedboat is a figma plugin that builds UI from your Tailwind configuration so you can design and convert to code faster

Speedboat panelTravel app UI being inspected by Speedboat panelCode editor with class names exported by Speedboat

Everything you need,
right at your fingerclicks

Support for all of the design-essential properties

  • Dimensions
  • Opacity
  • Corner radius
  • Solid fill
  • Gradient fillsoon
  • Stroke
  • Shadow
  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • Text decoration
  • Text transform
  • Text align
  • Font weightsoon

Customizable from the bottom up

Start using the plugin right away with the default Tailwind configuration or simply import your own

Speedboat panel
Speedboat config panel

Stop guessing and start saving time